Virtual PDPM Training Class •PRE-SALES ARE NOW OPEN!

PRE-SALES ARE NOW OPEN! The Virtual PDPM Training Class Can Help You Get Ready Now for October 1! 

The new patient-driven patient model (PDPM) begins on October 1, 2019. Patient clinical characteristics in totality will determine payment so the need for quick and highly accurate assessment and diagnosis will be critical. Payment will no longer be focused on therapy minutes and ADLs but instead will rely on over 180 MDS item fields. Failing to accurately code patient needs will have a significant impact on adequate and accurate payment for high-quality care.

Staff roles must change to operate effectively under PDPM. Registration for the Virtual PDPM Training also includes access to the online PDPM ACADEMY where updates, tools, webinars, and other supporting materials are housed. You will also be able to join in the free monthly webinars designed to provide additional training and PDPM updates. Pre-sale registrants will be notified as soon as the training site goes live.

Registration Fees: $350 Please note: only provider members of AHCA may register.

Who should register: To be successful with PDPM, Administrators, MDS/billing staff, nurses/DONs, and therapists must be included in the training and education process. Registration link: