APS Referral Portal for Nursing Facilities

In the very near future OKDHS Adult Protective Services will no longer accept facility incident reports/APS referrals via FAX.  Instead you will need to submit them via the Oklahoma LEAPS portal:


The enhanced LEAPS system used by OKDHS will include a confirmation of the report’s submission. This should meet the needs of the Department of Health for verification of timely reporting.

Additionally, in future enhancements the system will allow for submission to other  entities such as the Health Department and will eliminate the need for duplicate reporting.  It will serve as your single point of entry for referrals.

DHS anticipates the end of the FAX referral process to become effective in the next 2 weeks. An email will be sent to all facilities from DHS with notification of the date use of the electronic portal will begin.

Thank you for your cooperation. (Notification Dated: October 4, 2019)